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Dr Frank Quinn

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Fertility Preservation

Preserving your fertility future

If you’re concerned you need to preserve your fertility so you have the option to have children in the future, I can help. It may be because you are facing a serious illness or injury, or because the timing isn't right just now but you understand age may have an impact later.

Fertility preservation for medical reasons

Treatments for serious illnesses such as cancer, including chemotherapy and surgery, can potentially damage eggs or sperm – causing lasting issues for male and female fertility. My expertise includes leading female fertility preservation techniques such as frozen egg, embryo or ovarian tissue preservation and transfer. Male fertility preservation options include sperm retrieval and even post-mortem sperm retrieval.

I have a great deal of experience in these difficult situations, and understand the need to act with urgency after a difficult diagnosis or traumatic injury. I have also seen some fantastic outcomes following oncology treatment, with many patients not only overcoming cancer but also having a family they never thought would be possible.

I’m here for you every step of the way – carefully considering the best options for you and taking time to help you understand them. And I can also work quickly with your oncologist or other specialists to provide thorough, thoughtful answers to your questions.

Fertility preservation for social reasons

Age has a significant impact on female fertility, but you may not be ready or able to have a baby when you’re younger. So if you’d like to safeguard the possibility of having a family later, you may wish to consider freezing some eggs for future use.

In any of these situations, it’s important to get started soon to give you the greatest chance of success.

Successful complex fertility preservation cases

As one of Sydney’s most experienced fertility specialists, I am often referred the more challenging and complex cases. This is largely due to my reputation for understanding and empathy, ability to respond and quickly in times of crisis and consistently going above and beyond for my patients to help them achieve their dream of creating a family.

Long-term sperm storage

In 2012 I helped a couple achieve a successful pregnancy using 23-year-old sperm – believed to be the longest-stored sperm successfully used in Australia.

When he was just 27, Peter had radiation treatment for cancer, but he saved some sperm on his doctor’s advice. When he met Barbara 20 years later, they didn't know whether it would be possible to use those samples for IVF. After a two year long battle to prove the origins and usability of the sample we helped make it possible, and Barbara gave birth to a baby girl more than 20 years after Peter became infertile.

Read more about their story in Woman’s Day.

Post-mortem sperm retrieval

I’ve also played a role in several post-mortem sperm retrieval cases. This is an extremely complex and challenging area of reproductive medicine that involves the retrieval of sperm after a man’s death so it can be used by his surviving partner.

Currently the laws around post-mortem sperm retrieval vary between states as to what is possible (with or without written consent), and it is essential to act very quickly during what is obviously a stressful time. If you would like my specialist support or advice in this area please contact me immediately.

You can read more about post-mortem sperm retrieval in this Weekend Australian article.

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