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Dr Frank Quinn

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Excessive Folate and B12 increase risk of Autism

At the recent International Meeting for Autism Research, investiagtors found that excessive levels of plasma folate and B12 were associated with a significant increase in the risk of Autism.

The study at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, found that if folate levels were >59nmol/L the risk of Autism was increased twofold and if the level of B12 was >600pmol/L the risk of Austism was increased threefold. However, if excessive levels of both folate and B12 was found in the mother, then then a 17.6 times greater risk of Autism was found.

The findings are a reminder that more is not necessarily better. If the desired result does not occur the temptation is often to increase the dose and because they are naturally occuring vitamins and minerals we are often led to believe they are harmless.

The unregulated use of multivitamins was also recently reviewed on the ABC Fours Courners program on Monday 16th May 2016. The potential dangers from unregulated multivitamins resulting in liver failure and androgenisation is another reminder that vitamins and mineral supplementation are potentially not without risks particularly when administered in mega doses.